SGI 360° model

SGI 360°Football Model

The India chapter of Sporting Group International was founded in 2013 with the objective of enhancing the quality of football at the grassroots level. Our key objective is to give back to society through social initiatives involving football. We follow a dual-strategy approach. The first being through our Academy while the second approach involves our premier organisation the Delhi Youth League (DYL).

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SGI Player Managment and Other services

Player Managment and Other services

Sporting Group International India is a reputed agency for professional athletes providing a service that is dedicated to the ongoing development and management of its clients' careers in sports and beyond.


Youth Football International

The Academy is run on football fields that meet international standards. Our international coaches are UEFA or FA (UK) licensed. Our Four Corners’ principle of coaching football endeavours to make sure all our sessions are built around improving Technique – ability to master the ball; Mental resilience– no fear of experimenting; Physical ability– improving general fitness; and Social competence mixing well with others and enjoying all football sessions. With a goal to provide a safe, stress-free environment, we aim to ensure that children from all nationalities can enjoy and improve their game. Over 20% of our students are sponsored by the organisation in order to enable them to continue with their passion to play. The Academy is run like a typical European Football Club where students train during the week and, if selected, play matches on weekends in the Delhi Youth League.


Delhi Youth League

Delhi Youth League is the biggest and the longest duration youth football league in the region. We provide an environment in which children across various cultures, religions and economic backgrounds can play football through a fun and learning-based system under the motto: ‘The best teacher is the game itself’. Our league is set up so that a number of teams from under-privileged background play for free, supported by the other teams which pay and play.